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Known as flatulence, but commonly referred to as farting.
Cacophilia. I can't decide if this stuff is actually enjoyable or just fucking annoying.
Penis Pain
You can almost feel the pain by just watching this display of cock and ball torture.
Stupid Stunts
Stupid Videos, Funny Videos, Just Plain Stupid Videos, Stunt Videos.
Offensive Videos
Outrageous and offensive pornographic videos, only the best make it in here.
Gay Motherfuckers
Dumb gay bastards, fuck I do feel sorry for some of the guys in these videos.
Funny Porn Pictures
Funny adult pictures and really funny nude images that will make you laugh.
Amazing Shemales
Lovely big dick shemales and tranny chicks with lipstick size cocks.
Stupid Flash Animations
We also take no responsibility for any content published, or any other funny movie or flash animation made available on this web site.
Nasty Trick Domains
Trick anybody snooping around your AIM/MSN profile by copying and pasting the domain url with their name in it. Then send it to them!
Bunch Of Idiots
Ridiculous human behaviour come from two places: fucking idiots and people pretending to be fucking idiots for the purposes of being fucking idiots.

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